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March 7, 2016

5 brilliant, easy ways to makeover your garden

With National Gardening Week (11th – 17th April) soon upon us, we at MKM believe it’s time you give your garden the revival it’s been craving.

But you can’t give a great makeover without the means or motivation – luckily for you, we’ve got those in droves. Here’s our top tips on how to fix up!

1. Add Some New Textures


One way to make your garden more eye catching is to add more to look at (simple!).

Jazz up your turf with new layers of, for instance,
chippings or pebbles, for a quick and colourful uplift that’s hard to ignore.

You can get creative with the way you contribute them to your space, too – for instance, you could create a new path through your garden out of pebbles, or highlight brilliantly blooming shrubs or flowers with a frame of colourful chippings. Have a little freedom with how you get sprinkling!

2. Spruce Up


Sometimes, all your garden needs is some TLC.

Get down and dirty with your crops and flowers to sort out the nitty-gritty bits you’ve been avoiding: sweeping up all those dead leaves and bracken with a handy rakedigging up those horrid weeds swamping your lovely plants and adding an extra dash of paint to your garden fence. A little effort can go a long way in making your garden look like new!

You can save yourself a trip to the shed, too, by popping all your tools back in your gorgeous garden workstation, neatly out of sight and mind. It’ll look like your garden fixes itself!

3. Throw In Some Levels


Sometimes all your garden needs is a little more accenting – A.K.A., attention drawn to its best features with the use of adding new height/depth to them.

For instance, show off your prize buds or crops by framing them in a lovely garden box, elevated and set apart from the rest of your growing patches. Alternately, pepper your house’s walls or porch with hanging baskets of drooping ivy and pastel-coloured blossoms (or carrots and parsnips, if you prefer – personally, we think flowers have a more pleasing aesthetic!). You could align your home’s windows with boldly coloured hanging boxes of flowers or crops too, bestowing your property itself with a garden vibe and making the walls of it blend more seamlessly with your natural space.

Ultimately, by adding levels, you’ll be giving your garden guests lots to look at, effectively illuminating and heralding your best green-fingered work.

4. Highlight Your Best Features


Don’t let that prizeworthy tomato vine or apple tree sit in the shadows – your garden gems deserve to be noticed!

A brilliant way to achieve this is through the use of lighting. For instance, why not accent your favourite features (such as your trees) with fairy lights? Alternately, pop small lanterns around and through your flower and vegetable patches, to instil a brilliant Alice in Wonderland-esque vibe. You could install floor lights, too, under your trees with large branches, creating enchanting and dramatic silhouettes when the night draws in. There’s lots you could do.

You could also ‘frame’ your favourite part(s) – a.k.a., your vegetable patch or pond – with an archway, drawing attention to the most impressive area(s) of your garden while also giving it a sense of ‘largeness’, seemingly compartmentalising it into separate parts (as opposed to one fixed – and thereby less spacious – whole). It’ll additionally give your favourite area a delicious feel of exclusivity, piquing the curiosity and interest of your visitors as they step through the ‘door’.

Why not merge some of these accenting elements together for optimum effect? You could wrap fairy lights around your archway, for instance, helping it stand out during both day and night. Magical.

5. Provide a Little Space to Admire it All


Sometimes, all you need to see your garden afresh is to see it from a fresh angle.

Make your garden meditative by putting up a lovely bench (like our Athol Bench 5′) to admire it from – with a couple of pillows and blankets thrown on, it could become your perfect reading spot, chatting area or simply a quiet thinking zone.

Alternately, you could go all out by putting up a beautiful Limoge Arbour – providing a gorgeous place to dwell in while also making for an excellent accenting feature (as aforestated) – effectively killing two birds with one stone.

With a little D.I.Y., and a tiny bit of rejigging, you’re capable of making your garden glow again – so why not go for it? You’ll be the talk of the town.

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