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May 9, 2016

Builders’ Metalwork Explained

With various products and applications it can be confusing to know which products work with what when it comes to Builders’ Metalwork.

Expamet constantly strive to offer new solutions to their customers with an extensive range of products including plastering accessories, builder’s metalwork, windpost and masonry support systems, construction fixings and Hy-rib permanent formwork for concrete.  Below you can find a handy collation of their products and what they are used for:


– Galvanised Internal Angle Beads to protect and reinforce thin coat plasters

– Galvanised Internal Stop Beads which help finish and protect the edges of thin coat plasters

Wet Plaster

– Galvanised Angle Beads provides a true straight corner.

– Protects and reinforces vulnerable edges

– Glavanised Stop Bead finishes and protects plaster and render edges

– For use at door and ceiling level

Feature Beads

– Movement Beads form movement joints (+3mm, -1mm) in plaster and render

– Architrave & Feature beads create a feature at plaster edges engaging or abutting with a frame

Plasterers’ Accessories – External

– External Angle Bead provides a true straight corner

– Protects and reinforces vulnerable edges

– Manufactured from Stainless Steel

– Render Stop Bead forms and protects lower edge of external render

– Provides a natural run off

– Manufactured from Stainless Steel

PVCu Beads

– Developed in answer to British and European Legislation

– For use in exposed or unsheltered areas as an alternative to stainless steel

– Versatile bead, can be used in internal and external wet plaster and drylining applications

Arch Formers for Internal Use

– Galvanised Arch Formers

-Arch Corner, Semi-Circle, Bullseye, Elliptical, Spandrel, Circular Window Liners

Steel Lathing

– Expamet Lath.  Carrier for render and plaster finishes.  Two materials available for internal and external finishes

– BB Lath and Exmet

– Key for Lighteight plaster, small openings and chases

– Ceiling finishes and general reinforcement

Steel Lathing

– Rib-Lath with integral spacing rib

– Available in galvanised and stainless steel

– Red-Rib with identifying stripe, for external use

Security Mesh

– Flattened Mesh for use in partitions and ceilings

– Raised mesh for embedding in plaster and render

– Available in mild or galvanised steel

– Builders’ Metalwork

Joist Hangers

– Joist hangers provide a quick and safe method of joist trimming for light, medium and heavy duty joints

Single Piece Joist Hangers

– The BAT SPH Type S Joist hanger is a single piece timber to masonry hanger

– The BAT SPH Type R Joist hanger is a standard type S with return plate added

– The BAT SPH Type ST hanger is two standard joist hangers joined together with a jointing plate and rivet fixed

Maxi Speedy Joist Hangers

– The BAT Maxi Speedy Joist hanger is classed as a heavy duty timber to timber joist hanger which can also be used with suitable anchors to fix to masonry, concrete and steel

Speedy Joist Hangers

– The BAT Speedy range of joist hangers is classed as a light to medium duty

– Speedy joist hangers are available to suit loft conversations and roof truss to girder connections

Wall Starters and Straps

– Wall starts provide an easy to fit way to tie in new walls to existing walls without cutting our brickwork

– Standard and heavy duty straps provide restraint against wind pressure and uplift forces

Restraint Straps

– 5mm Heavy Duty horizontal restraint strap (lateral)

– 2.5mm Light Duty vertical restraint strap

– 1.2mm Lightweight Light Duty Strap and 1.5mm Lightweight Heavy Duty engineered restraint strap

Angle Brackets and Jointing Plates

– Designed for multi-purpose applications.  Can be used as replacement cleats, nailed or bolted.

Builders’ Metalwork

– BAT Herring Bone Joist Struts provide stability to floor joists

– BAT Truss Clip eliminates the problem of skew nailing trussed rafters to timber wall plates

– Frame Cramps provides support of window from timber framing to resist loadings

– Sole Plate Anchor locate timber sole plates to concrete floors, without penetrating the DPC

– Safe Plate is for the protection of plumbing & electrical wiring against random nailing

– Multi Purpose Fixing Band is an easy to use coil strip designed for all types of light fixing applications including pipe fixing & support, clamping bracing & restraining & timber repair

Cavity Ties and Restraint Fixings

Cavity Wall Ties

– A variety of fixings to suit both brick and block construction

Flat Wire and Exmet Reinforcement

– Flat Wire provides additional tensile strength to masonry walls to enhance lateral load resistance

supplied in 2.7m lengths

– 60mm – 175mm widths

– 30mm, 40m and 50mm main wire height options

– Exmet reinforcement provides an expanded steel mesh with no joints to fail under stress.  Used for non structural applications

– available in 65mm – 225mm widths

– 20m (coil) lengths