Branch News
February 24, 2014

MKM Chelmsford Unveils Polypipe Bike

Chelmsford Polypipe Bike 1Our branches are always up for a challenge to capture our customer’s attention and they certainly did that at Chelmsford, with the construction of a motorbike made purely out of Polypipe parts.

Allan Davis, Branch Director, concocted the idea to promote Polypipe products. The bike is made up of parts, which can all be re-used apart from a few pipes, which had to be cut to fit.

The bike has created lots of interest so far and Allan said the reaction from customers was incredible, adding: “Customers couldn’t believe it was all made out of Polypipe parts. It was certainly a talking point and has definitely increased sales. We even had some customers asking us if we could provide this in kit form to build themselves!”