August 6, 2015

Choose the right bathroom furniture for your room size

bathroom furniturePicking furniture to match your bathroom can be tricky. The rooms are generally smaller compared to the rest of the house, and your layouts are less flexible – you’ll have to plan around some fixtures that can only be moved through extensive remodelling. The right furniture is going to depend as much on how much space you have available as on the style you’re going for, and that’s true in both large and small spaces.

Choosing the right furniture for a small bathroom is obviously going to be more of a challenge than for a larger one. Less floor space and wall space means you may have to sacrifice some creative decorative features for some creative planning and organisation!

Small room space-savers

In a smaller bathroom, wall-mounted furniture can be an ideal space-saver, but in a larger bathroom – where the walls are obviously further apart – free-standing units are probably a better choice as they can be placed nearer to fixtures, and allow more space for windows and windows up on the walls. In smaller rooms, under-sink cabinets can make the most of space that may have otherwise been wasted, but they’re not as necessary in larger bathrooms.

It may also be worth considering getting rid of the bath altogether, bathroom furniture_12which may seem like an odd choice for the bathroom. But consider how much you use your baths to actually take baths, rather than favouring a shower – if the answer is “not often”, then perhaps the space could be better used in another way.

In a small space, lighter colours are a good choice, as it will prevent the room from feeling dark and cramped. Cabinets with built-in mirrors are also useful – you don’t have to double up on wall-mounted fittings, and it will help the room to feel a little bit larger.

Big and bold design features

bathroom furniture_121If you’ve got a bit more space, then why not add some extra luxuries? You could have a separate shower and bath, a wall-mounted towel rail and radiator, or even a bidet. However, it could be best to resist temptations to go overboard – one of the benefits of that extra space is that it could provide the option for a stylish and modern minimalist theme that just wouldn’t work in a smaller space. As soon as your fixtures and furniture start to get a little too close together, it’s best to have a rethink and spread out a little.

If you have the space, then a row of cabinets with a worktop – perhaps with a recessed sink basin, can add a big and bold feature to the room while also adding plenty of storage to keep things out of sight.

When it comes to style, a bigger space gives you the freedom to try out colours and patterns that may not work in a smaller bathroom.

Of course, if you need any help deciding on bathroom furniture, or want some more tips on how to make the most of your space, then the experts at MKM are always here to help!

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