Branch News
October 27, 2015

Christmas Display goes up at Skegness

For a number of years MKM Skegness have offered a work experience scheme for young adults reaching the age of 19 at Ereby School for Children and young Adults with special needs.

Each year MKM Skegness employ’s a student about to leave school to equip them with valuable skills they can take into the world of work.

This year our Skegness branch employed Joe Humphreys, who got involved with cleaning the warehouse, checking in stock for a major Christmas promotion as well as merchandising it.

When it comes to Christmas displays at MKM the competition is on and the branch with the most creative showcase using appropriate merchandising techniques will be awarded a prize.  The team at Skegness and Joe will find out whether their entry is in for the winning next month.

Joe really enjoyed his week with MKM, joining in with the team and giving the chaps as much grief as they gave him!