August 7, 2015

Considerations when buying taps

Taps are a bathroom essential, but it’s easy to forget just how big of an impact they can have on a bathroom. The wrong taps could clash with a carefully chosen style; make sure you consider the following when choosing the taps for your bathroom:

bath taps 1Pressure

This is important – the majority of taps will work just fine with a standard water pressure, but some styles will require a higher pressure in order to work properly. Fittings that combine hot and cold water in one tap will require the pressure from both supplies to be more or less equal, too.

If you have a combi boiler, you will likely have a higher water pressure than if you have a relatively lower pressure gravity system of a cold water cistern in the loft and a hot water tank elsewhere in the house. Your local water company should be able to advise you on the pressure in your home.

Make sure you check your pressure before you start researching styles, as you may find yourself limited to what you can and cannot choose.


There can be a surprising amount to think about with taps. First of all, the size: if you choose oversized or undersized taps, they won’t match your bath or basin – they’ll look odd, and they won’t be practical at all.

Then there’s the design: do you want a more traditional pillar tap, with one tap for hot and one for cold, or a mixer tap that mixes hot and cold water from two taps internally so you can regulate temperature easily? How about a minimalist and modern monobloc, with a single lever that can be rotated to adjust temperature?

Don’t forget about the waste fitting, will you stick with a regular plug and chain, or go for the pop-up option? There are plenty of options, and you’ll certainly be able to find the right one for any bathroom – take your time and consider it carefully!


A simple, shiny chrome? An antique-looking brass? How about a nickel or satin finish? Matching handles, or contrasting with a splash of colour? There are plenty of combinations that will let you match your taps to the rest of the room in any way you please.

Keep these things in mind and you’ll find the right taps for any bathroom in no time. Of course, if you need some help making up your mind, then you can always pop in to one of our branches to have a chat to the experts!