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August 25, 2015

Copper Vs Plastic Plumbing

There has been some debate over which piping material is best for plumbers; raising questions on efficiency, safety and reliability.  Plumbers are now providing homeowners with two piping options – copper or plastic.

Traditional methods have used copper piping but in the 21st Century plastic piping has beCopper_fittings_and_pipes a_0come more and more normal, particularly for new dwellings due to quicker and less expensive installation.

Over time, the popularity of plastic piping has advanced into a high quality material and can take up to 10-bars of water pressure.  Due to its familiarity and renowned durability, copper has been the piping of choice but with the ever growing cost of metal piping and the skill required to install, a shift to plastic has become inevitable.

Not only is the installation more practical in today’s fast paced world, it also provides a more advanced flow owing to the smooth interior finish of plastic.  This material is less likely to disintegrate too as its properties don’t allow it to rot, rust, corrode or collect waste.

Recognising thepipework demand of both materials, MKM Building Supplies stock both copper and plastic piping available to the trade and public.  Ultimately it is down to personal preference as regardless of the materials used, when fitted properly both materials will provide years of trouble free service.

If plastic plumbing is your thing or you are keen to give it a go MKM could make it worth your while…

Plumbing solutions specialist Polypipe have launched a competition giving plumbers and installers the chance to win a fully kitted-out Ford Transit van complete with racking and an ultimate plumbers kit.   All you need to do is buy your plastic plumbing from Polypipe!

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Visit Polypipe’s website to enter and find out more or pop into your local MKM branch.

Take part in the debate!

We are keen to know your piping preference and why, have you noticed a shift towards plastic?  Or are you a creature of habit and are copper all the way?  Simply comment on this post and join the debate…