How To
August 11, 2015


There are few feelings tbrick BBQ buildhat beat cooking a BBQ outside on a summer’s day. However, imagine taking this experience up a notch. At MKM we are challenging you to build your own Brick BBQ. In just one day you can create a stylish, practical and cheap BBQ that promises to impress even the most discerning guest at this year’s summer party.

What will you need?

BBQ Grill & Tray
Bricks (7-9 Courses up from the ground)
Brick Ties
Mortar Admix
Mortar Tone
Gauging Trowel
Bucket Trowel
Club Hammer
Pointing Tool
Paving Slabs


Step 1:

The surface for the BBQ should be flat and stable, to achieve this paving slabs or concrete are most suitable. On this surface place the grill tray on the floor and use it as a guide for the first layer of bricks, you may also want to add a preparation area. For this a paving slab works perfectly, place it on the ground making sure to leave space for support wall in the middle of the slab and the grill. From this create a guide for the preparation area by laying bricks around the perimeter grill and underneath the slab creating an “E” shape.

Step 2:

Next mix your mortar, we recommend four parts sand to one part cement and that you add plasticiser to the water to increase the mortars workability. Make sure to add any mortar tone to the mix before liquids and then finally to use enough water to get a stiff consistency. Remove the brick template and place a layer of mortar onto the ground in its place.

Step 3:

Use a straight piece of wood (or mark a line in the mortar using your level) as a guideline for the back of the wall to ensure you lay your first course in a straight line. Once the first layer is completed check the level and make sure corners to the support walls are at right angles.

Step 4:

Where the back wall connects to a support wall place a brick tie into mortar. This will improve the strength of the structure.

Step 5:

Double check that the grill and slab fit perfectly to the brickwork, then begin to build up extra courses of bricks. Techniques can vary for this stage however we recommend you start at the corners and stagger vertical joints by half a brick. Make sure to use a spirit level to check that your walls are straight, level and vertical.

Step 6:

Depending how high you want your BBQ to end up, at approximately the seventh course turn bricks on the support walls sideways too create a ledge for the charcoal tray. This will need to be done for the middle support wall and one of the side walls. Finish the support walls with a flush edged half brick to create a smart finish. After this add 3 more regular courses then follow the same procedure to create a ledge for the grill to rest upon. Remember the middle support wall will hold the slab and grill so make sure the brick sticks out equally at either side. Fix the slab in place by adding mortar to the top of the appropriate support wall and the turned brick.

Step 7:

Finish off the grill side by placing another layer of half bricks vertically onto a sheet of mortar. This will create a smart and professional finish. Do a final check to make sure everything is level then get your pointing tool and smarten up each joint.

Step 8:

Take a step back and appreciate your work. While you wait for your BBQ to set take a picture and send it into MKM for a chance to feature on our site as one of our DIY Guru’s.