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April 11, 2019

Essential tools for every landscaping job

Before you start your next landscaping project, count on MKM to make sure you’ve got all the right gear.

Prepare your working area

Start with a clean slate by clearing unwanted materials from the area with a shovel and multi-purpose flexi tub, and plot out the new areas you need to work on with a chalk line. The flexi tub can then be used to transport sand, aggregates, and many other useful materials.







Keep useful tools on hand

Depending on the changes you’ll be making in the garden, you’d be wise to keep handy a mixture of tools and accessories handy. These could include a saw, rubber mallet, a level, and paint brushes. There’s nothing worse than starting a job and then realising you’re missing a vital piece of kit.







Prepare yourself for working outdoors

Don’t forget right gear for working in the garden. Opt for gloves with a latex coating for grip in wet and dry conditions, as well as ultimate protection. If you’re working landscaping jobs regularly, it’s important to wear gel kneepads for protection when working on hard and uneven surfaces. We all hope for good weather during landscaping season but this isn’t always the case and the great British weather can constantly surprise. A hi-vis, waterproof jacket will keep you warm and dry, leaving you free to continue working outdoors.








Browse through our landscaping tool essentials online or visit your local branch to get kitted out and pick up a copy of our latest landscaping collection.