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February 1, 2016

Fairstone by Stonemarket

Stonemarket-FairstoneAt MKM we pride ourselves on being a responsible company that maintains a strong code of ethics and we look for the same in the organisations we buy from.

Our leading landscaping supplier Stonemarket has created a range of ethically sourced natural stone paving that has been quarried and produced in line with a clear set of ethical values and commitments. This selection includes some of MKM’s best selling products such as Trustone, Truslate and Vintage Stone.

Within Stonemarket’s commitment to ethical sourcing they have made an unequivocal pledge ensuring;

• No child labour is used

• Living wages are paid

• Health & Safety standards are in place

Alongside this Stonemarket supports workers through Hadoti Hast Shilp Sansthan, an Indian non-government organisation that funds medical care, schooling and insurance policies for workers. This provides children the opportunity to gain an education and offers insurance for their and their family’s welfare. By honouring these commitments we can be sure that Stonemarket are a responsible business we are happy to promote.

Look out for the Fairstone logo when purchasing landscaping products and contribute to a worthy cause whilst redesigning your driveway, pavement or garden display.