October 18, 2018

Fascias, soffits & gutters – it’s all about the colour!

We spoke to Freefoam Area Sales Manager for the North East Simon Parkes to find out all about colour fascia and soffit, the changes in the PVC market from white to colour and what this means for building professionals.


Tell us a bit about the background.

For many years white was the only option and the only choice for PVC Window, Doors and Fascia. Colour was difficult to get and often had to be ordered well in advance in large quantities.  But things have changed. Manufacturers have developed new techniques and made colour a permanent part of their range.


So how are your colour products made?

Freefoam manufacture colour fascia, soffit and gutter using colour compounds as well as our own patented ColormaxTM technology. The special process means the outside colour skin and the inside foam core are intrinsically bonded together creating hardwearing and long lasting colour products.


Is colour difficult to get hold of?

No, our technology means that we can manufacture colour fascia as part of our normal process. This means the majority of colours are now available off the shelf. Freefoam suppliers will be able to order straight from stock, to service customer orders. You should see little difference in lead times between white and colour.


How  many colours are available

We have a range of eight colours: white, black, leather brown,  pale gold, sable, storm grey, anthracite grey and dark grey. We are finding the grey shades to be the most popular, because they match to windows and doors, and would recommend building professionals definitely promote these to clients.


How can builders and home improvement companies benefit from the colour range?

Colour gives builders and home improvement specialists the opportunity to develop new business and give customers more choice. Developers and  architects like the advantages of using colour as a signature for their building projects and homeowners, inspired by home improvement programmes, now regularly choose colour to personalise their property and give it the all important ‘wow’ factor. All industry research shows the trend is set to continue.