MKM News
July 21, 2016

Flying High with Place Des Anges

July 2nd saw the first major City of Culture event hit the City of Hull with the Place Des Anges spectacular!

As a major partner for the City of Culture 2017 MKM sent along 15 lucky members of staff to experience this fantastic event.

As night time came the angels appeared high on the rooftops above Queens Gardens in Hull, a spell-binding performance followed with jaw dropping aerial antics which culminated in around 2 tonnes of white feathers being dropped on the crowds below!


Sally Jasper, Holdings staff member said “Firstly, thank you for giving me the chance to go and see this wonderful show as we had tried to get tickets but were too slow”

“The volunteers were really good at keeping everything moving considering the massive amount of people who attended! Once the show started it was incredible how controlled the movements on the wires were in order to keep time to the music. The Angels were graceful and the lighting really emphasised them and made them look like they were glowing. It was nice that the giant cherub moved around the whole of the crowd rather than just staying at the front, it gave everyone a chance to get a good picture and feel more involved. Once the feathers started to come down the mood changed and became really playful. Everyone was grabbing handfuls and showering each other with them. It was really nice to see the local police officers having a feather fight with the smaller children there too.”

“I really didn’t envy the volunteers who had to clean all that up afterwards. My girls helped them out though by filling their pockets with feathers to take home with them. Still finding random feathers around the house!!! An overall fantastic experience and thank you again so much for the opportunity to go.”