Branch News
February 15, 2017

Following the tracks of Olympians for King’s Lynn customers

Shelley Walduck, sales rep at MKM King’s Lynn is a keen cyclist and wanted to organise something out of the ordinary as a treat for the customers at the branch, so a trip to the Velodrome at the Olympic Park was in order!

It’s the second time the branch has organised an event at the Velodrome, the first in November 2014. Many King’s Lynn customers have a passion for cycling in common with Shelley, so it was about time they visited again for an experience they would never forget.

Among the riders was Area Sales Manager, Dave Thompson, from the Birtley Group, sponsors of the outing.

At the 2012 Olympics, the velodrome saw British athletes win 7 gold medals in cycling events (making Sir Chris Hoy the most successful British Olympian of all time). The track cycling team at the Paralympic Games achieved an astounding 15 medals overall there, including five golds.

Shelley said that even less-experienced cyclists can enjoy the experience. “As long as you have a strong nerve and a bit of determination. The track bikes have a fixed gear and no brakes, so you have to keep your wits about you.”

“The branch took a mixture of 13 cyclists and non-cyclists and everyone had a great time. Just to be inside the building is a great experience, let alone riding the track.”

The visitors got to see behind the scenes at the Velodrome, including the changing room area underneath the track with posters of famous riders adorning the walls.

The team started with an hour of steady riding, getting a feel for working the way further up the track, with coaches watching and guiding at all time. The bank slopes upwards at 45 degrees at its steepest so it takes some practice!

After a bit of practice, a timed lap brought out everyone’s competitive nature and friendly rivalry as names and times were displayed on the digital screen.

“The day was a fantastic experience for all involved”, said Shelley. “One customer likened it to a football fan being invited to play at Wembley. It’s inspired some to dust of their bikes and get back on the road!”

A massive thank you to Birtley for making the trip possible.

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