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June 15, 2016

Guest blog from Polypipe: Plumb to the Max

We sat down with Polypipe Plastic Plumbing Product Manager Adam Pearson to find out more about Polypipe’s newest range of fittings: PolyMax

First of all, why Polypipe?

At Polypipe, we understand that every job is different and we give the professionals the widest range of plastic plumbing fittings to choose from so the product is always fit for the job at hand. We manufacture and rigorously test all of our polybutylene plastic plumbing pipe and our four plastic plumbing ranges (PolyMax, PolyPlumb, PolyFit and PolySure) right here in the UK.

That’s great, so tell us more about PolyMax?

PolyMax is our newest streamline push fit plumbing system. It is also hand demountable, making it simple to create dependable, adjustable, solutions for most hot and cold water plumbing and heating applications.

PolyMax comes in a comprehensive variety of fittings and sizes – everything you need to get the job done.

So, where can I use PolyMax?

PolyMax is ideal for home improvement and refit projects. It is compatible with our flexible polybutylene plastic plumbing pipe for use in even the most difficult locations. Its attractive white finish makes it perfect for exposed use jobs and surface mounted installations.

But, is it secure?

PolyMax features lock tight technology with a super secure collet which keeps the pipe exactly where you put it. This means that PolyMax offers superb joint integrity whilst also being hand demountable with our handy release tool. For extra security, use a Polypipe metal or plastic pipe stiffener or a sealed stiffener when preparing the pipe.

And is it leakproof?

The super secure collet in PolyMax fittings also provides peace of mind when it comes to leaks. Frankly, it just won’t.

All of our systems are rigorously tested in our manufacturing facility in Doncaster so you can be confident that PolyMax won’t let you down.

Is there anything else I should know?

Our brand ambassador Max, the most excitable plumber in Hartlepool, has been putting PolyMax to the test in his own unique set of experiments.

If you want to see our local professional Rugby team put our fittings through their paces, or what happens when Max puts members of the public’s most prized possessions beneath a circuit filled with blue water, visit