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May 23, 2016

Guide to timber windows

Adding character to your home:
JELD-WEN’s complete guide to timber windows

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Whilst windows are a necessity for every home, that doesn’t mean that choice has to be limited; not at all, as the high quality timber solutions from leading manufacturer JELD-WEN allow you to add character as well as providing a whole host of energy saving benefits.

JELD-WEN’s window ranges combine timeless style with modern design, complimentary colour finishes and the best energy ratings, all to conserve and enhance the character of your home. Be it a period property, a country house full of charm or even a modern townhouse, JELD-WEN windows are the perfect option to create a stunning finish and offer ultimate performance.

Furthermore, JELD-WEN has all homes and window design requirements covered, with an extensive range of options to choose from plus a fully made-to-measure service.

Character building

As more people refurbish, renovate or upgrade their characterful homes, they are choosing to use timber windows to help preserve said character and to be sympathetic with the property’s surroundings.
The classic, flush-sash appearance of JELD-WEN’s Elegance Flush Casement range for instance is perfect for properties in conservation areas or those looking to add more character to their home, while also benefitting from a modern design and high quality specification.

Choosing a style to suit your home – including conservation areas
When choosing replacement windows, it’s key to consider the character of your property and what window solutions will enhance its beauty whilst providing plenty of light, energy efficiency, and heat retention.

As a rule, the style of the window should match the period of the property, especially in a conservation area or when working with a listed building. Therefore, it’s advisable to check for any design restrictions with your local council or planner before going ahead with a replacement window.

The classic, flush-sash appearance of JELD-WEN’s Elegance Flush Casement range is perfect for conservation projects where a traditional design is essential, but a contemporary twist is preferred. It also benefits from modern energy performance and specification. Vertical sliding sash windows also provide a harmonious look for conservation or period properties, combining a timeless look with modern engineering. JELD-WEN’s timber Sliding Sash window is available in a variety of popular designs including bars, shapes and bays to provide an authentic period look with all the benefits of modern engineering.

For a more contemporary home and look, different glazing options can provide far greater design freedom. Larger panes are a great way to maximise natural daylight. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with different window bar options and finishes. For example, stained finishes for a premium traditional look or colours, including on-trend grey, for a contemporary feel.

For a first class finish that will stand the test of time, JELD-WEN’s Stormsure Oak Casement windows are a prestigious choice to add character and provide superior performance. Stunning to look at, these authentic options are long lasting and are available in a variety of bar designs to suit your tastes.

Colour me beautiful

Timber windows are available in a wide variety of colour finish options so you can create the look you desire for your home and make as much of a style statement as you like.

A key trend at present is for dual colour finishes; this allows you to choose two different colours for the window frame, one inside to complement your interior décor and an alternative for the outside. A dual colour finish is particularly beneficial where an external colour is specifically specified.

Whilst white has long been the window finish of choice, JELD-WEN is seeing grey increasingly chosen for its sophisticated and understated alternative look, which can make a house really stand out from the crowd. Conservation pastel green tones, such as sage, are also quickly replacing the traditional choice of white, with requests for royal green and blue also on the rise. JELD-WEN supplies fully-finished windows in a vast range of colours including dual colour, to offer homeowners the chance to personalise their home whilst also matching the look to other external joinery such as patios and doors.

Going for green – and reducing your bills

Energy efficiency is a primary consideration for anyone seeking an upgrade on their windows. JELD-WEN has worked hard to develop timber window designs that not only look beautiful but also offer unrivalled thermal performance, so they can tick all the boxes for today’s homes.

A real case in point is JELD-WEN’s Stormsure Energy+ casement range. Awarded the top A+ rating in compliance with the BFRC Window Energy Rating scheme, the Stormsure Energy+ is exemplary of how timber windows can ensure your home benefits from superb thermal efficiency and unrivalled sound insulation.
Whilst homeowners continue to strive for thermally efficient homes, triple-glazing is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Due to the exceptional thermal and acoustic performance it offers compared to double-glazed options. There’s still a misconception amongst homeowners that timber windows are only available single glazed, but in fact the windows available today are just as advanced as their PVC-U counterparts. Available with premium triple glazing and an A+ energy rating, not only does JELD-WEN’s Stormsure Energy+ window range look fantastic, but they’ll also keep you warm and cosy whilst helping you to cut down on costly heating bills by improving energy efficiency and heat retention.

Maintain with ease

Research conducted by the Wood Window Alliance (WWA), in a poll of 2,000 homeowners, found that 48.5% of those questioned thought that timber windows were a more high maintenance option than alternative materials.

However, with modern advances, this really isn’t the case at all. A simple wash down and touch up twice a year will easily help to extend the life of your timber windows. JELD-WEN products should be maintained in accordance with the guarantees of the paint or stain manufacturer’s guidelines, to prevent the finish from deteriorating and to protect the timber underneath.

For pigmented coated systems (white or pastel colours) applied on JELD-WEN timber windows, the suggested redecoration cycle is from five years in an extreme climate and unsheltered area through to 10 years in a sheltered or partly sheltered location and moderate climate.

The obvious alternative

Historically, self-builders have opted for PVC-U but there is an increasing demand for timber windows, and in turn manufacturers are meeting the needs of customers by improving product specification and performance. From sliding sash and casement windows, to flush-sash conservation designs, a vast range of looks can be achieved using timber.

It’s a common perception that timber products are a more expensive option than alternatives like PVC-U. Studies have shown that timber windows offer better long-term value than low-cost PVC-U windows. On average, timber windows made to WWA standards are likely to last around 60 years with the proper maintenance regimes, compared to 30 years for PVC-U. Timber frames can also be repaired simply and inexpensively; when a fitting on a plastic window breaks, often the whole window requires replacement. So, although the initial outlay for timber windows may be higher, over the product’s lifetime, timber definitely is the more cost effective choice.

Furthermore, timber is an excellent insulator, particularly when teamed with a wide range of double and triple glazing, a combination which can result in reducing the buildings carbon footprint particularly when incorporated with other elements of modern building design. With increasing developments in areas of conservation, Building Regulations and planning permission will often stipulate the need for timber window frames that also require modern functionality, including security, sound-proofing and thermal efficiency. Where previously flush-sash timber windows could not meet the same security and thermal efficiency specification as PVC-U competitors, improvements in modern engineering processes have enabled manufacturers to produce traditional looking designs with modern functionality.

It’s worth bearing in mind that renovating with plastic or metal windows can vastly impact on a property’s appearance, as the majority of homes in the UK were built with timber windows. Property experts suggest that modernising with PVC-U actively devalues a property, so by upgrading to double-glazed factory finished timber windows you can actually improve the value of a property while also preserving its character.

Safe as houses

No matter how much our personal tastes may differ, there’s one thing on which we can all agree – keeping our home safe is a top priority. For complete peace of mind, all JELD-WEN windows (and patio doorsets too) comply with the strictest of Building Regulations, and feature high quality ERA hardware with multipoint locks as standard. JELD-WEN windows are available in a number of Secured by Design (SBD) options which includes enhanced locking systems and optional laminated glass, giving you greater reassurance that your windows can withstand the most determined burglar.

Made to measure, made to last – guaranteed!

JELD-WEN timber windows are available made to measure, so you can be sure to find a design that fits exactly what you need, whilst all windows have been made to stand the test of time.

Specified correctly and fit for purpose, your windows will weather all weathers and last many years. JELD-WEN provides various quality and performance guarantees, from 10 years against manufacturing and hardware defects, through to protection against rot and fungal attack of up to 40 years.

Where previously windows were supplied primed or with a basecoat stain, there has been a growing trend for factory finished products, which means that many of the latest designs are supplied pre-painted or with a stain finish. JELD-WEN’s factory finished windows come with up to 10 years guarantee on the paint finish. So wise homeowners are ensuring that, not only do they get a quality finish but, their investment pays dividends over time.

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