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January 12, 2017

Have You Got Your Snow Essentials?

Ready to take beautiful scenic photographs of the snowy landscape? Don’t let looks deceive you – snow can be particularly dangerous, especially if you need to be out and about on icy roads and pavements.

Snow is quite difficult to predict as the temperature difference between rain and snow is so small it’s hard to know for certain when bad weather will strike. That means it’s important to get your snow-busting toolbox ready well in advance.

We’ve put together a list of essential products you’ll need to battle the snow during these chilly months:

  1. A snow shovel is a top winter essential when it comes to making a safe pathway for cars or pedestrians to venture outside. b022479-faithfull-plastic-snow-shovel-with-handle
  2. A ready-mixed screenwash solution will help get rid of dirt or smears, ready for a safe getaway.
  3. Clear your screen, windows and lights quickly and efficiently each frosty morning with a bottle of top quality de-icer. Remember that de-icer can take up to ten minutes to clear your windscreen thoroughly. b001991-decosol-deicer-spray-500ml
  4. Thermal gloves not only protect you from getting cold, they also help improve grip – perfect if you work in a manual job.
  5. Hats and gloves will keep you warm and dry in snowy weather, but the extra visibility of a hi-vis gloves and hat will allow you stay extra safe when weather conditions are poor.
  6. Insulated boots will prevent any water or cold reaching your feet, which is ideal for those working in outdoor conditions or on building sites. b006918-scan-safety-wellingtons-black-size-9
  7. Keep visible, warm and waterproof with this winter wardrobe essential, a full hi-vis rain suit.
  8. For those working outside, keeping ultra-warm in freezing conditions is essential for health and safety. Try this hi-vis fleece for warmth.

    dickies hi vis

  9. Get rid of snow and ice like magic with a sprinkle of rock salt. Clear driveways, paths or doorsteps to ensure maximum safety. Apply the salt the night before bad weather is due to ensure maximum effect as this will prevent freezing.


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* Please note that anyone acting upon any of the information above does so at their own discretion and MKM is not liable for the result of any actioning of this advice.