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October 29, 2015

Home heating – automation and Apps

As smartphone use begins to overtake the desktop it’s a given that the App culture will revolutionalise the way we interact with technology within the home. From smart heating systems, to sockets, appliances, lighting and security – did you realise quite how much you can now control with just the touch of your finger?

Compatible with smart phones the technology allows mobile management of the home, which whilst boasts heating as a key selling point, also has a host of other compatible features.

NestInter-linkable systems mean you can even check who’s at your front door via your phone, or set a house phone call to forward mobile (by the system knowing you’re out).

You can ensure the washing machine finishes at the most convenient time, and automate your appliance switching to power saving mode when you’re away.

The list of compatible products and applications is growing by the day – who knows where we might be in another 10 years!

At MKM, plumbing and heating remains one of our largest categories – maintained all year round. Smart heating options have, quite literally become a hot topic, with a host of supplier options now available on the UK market.

There are many options to choose from, at MKM we’ll be able to help and advise; your salesperson will be able to provide competitive rates on the popular Honeywell system.

If you’re not a technological guru the choice will seem daunting. Our guide to key features and benefits will help reassure your choice.

Upgrading your old thermostat will save ££s on heating, with easy installation and wireless capabilities.

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