Branch News
January 25, 2016

Hot technology for chilly Glasgow

At the one of the coldest times of the year, and with energy prices seeming to be constantly on the rise, heating your home efficiently is on a lot of people’s minds.

But what many people don’t realise is there are options beyond just paying utility companies. The drive for ever-greener fuel means that as technology moves forward, energy provision is becoming more efficient, cleaner and less dependent on big oil and gas companies.

image003It is for this reason we launched our first Green Room in Glasgow last year, the five-figure investment enabled us to bring a host of renewable technologies to the attention of housebuilders and homeowners interested to find out more about alternative forms of energy.

Divided into six zones, the Green Room focuses on a different sustainable technology in each section, starting with the basics such as insulation and moving on to water conservation, biomass, wind energy, solar PV systems and geo-thermal.

It offers builders, architects and homes owners the chance to see all the different technologies working in one place for the first time.

Craig Miller, of MKM Building Supplies in Glasgow, says: “It will lead to a greater understanding of what best suits our customers’ needs and how renewable energy can make life easier for them.”

But we don’t stop at just providing the hardware. Our experts are on hand to give advice on what works best in what circumstances.

“By combining technologies such biomass with solar PV and a heat pump, homeowners can slash their energy bills and in some cases even make money,” Craig said.

“We can offer advice on which technologies will work best for people and help them give them the greatest savings.”

To find out more about how renewable energy can help you save money, visit our Green Room at our Glasgow branch on Nuneaton Street or call (0141) 5513444 to chat to one of our specialists.