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September 12, 2017

How To Fix A Fuse

Job difficulty: 1/5

Estimated time to complete: Ten minutes

How to fix a fuse

As an issue that affects almost every household at one point or another, a tripped fuse can cause a total loss of power to a certain area of the house. Often caused by a faulty appliance, here’s how to fix this simple issue:

1. In the affected room, start by unplugging every appliance or electronic piece of equipment that’s utilising a socket in the wall.

2. Locate your fuse box and switch any fuse that’s been tripped to the ‘OFF’ position back to the ‘ON’ position (you’ll be able to spot which fuse has tripped as it’ll most likely be the only one facing in a different direction to the others).

3. Head back into the room and plug in each appliance one by one.

4. If the lights in the room go off when you plug a certain piece of kit back into the wall, hey presto! You’ve found your broken appliance.

5. Unplug the faulty appliance and repeat step number two to turn the power back on in the room.

6. Take your faulty appliance to your local electronics shop and have it looked at by a trained professional – you don’t want to be tinkering with plugs yourself!