September 28, 2018

How to get started with Cure It

Cure It – the revolutionary GRP roof waterproofing system

If you’ve ever thought a flat roof is tricky and time-consuming to install, think again. Cure It is an easy to install, revolutionary GRP flat roofing waterproof system. Here we give you the lowdown on the award-winning system, an essential for any flat roof extension.

What is Cure It?

The Cure It roofing system is a complete range of GRP materials designed for roofing applications. The system is a wet-laid laminate (consisting of reinforcement mat saturated with roofing resin) applied over a securely fitted OSB3 18mm T&G deck. The perimeter of the roof and any changes in pitch are resolved with a range of GRP edge trims and the roof is finished with a hard-wearing roofing topcoat, available in a range of colours.

Why should I use Cure It?

How to use Cure It:

Training is recommended before using Cure It. We advise joining one of our one-day training courses; where you will learn how to lay a Cure It GRP flat roof through a combination of theory and practical hands on training. You don’t need to be a skilled roofer to learn how to install Cure It, it’s perfect for builders too.

As a taster, this video will take you through the 5-stage installation process:

Check out our other installation videos on the Cure It YouTube channel.

Any handy tips for using Cure It?

We advise using the system in dry weather conditions and making sure the OSB boards are dry (it’s worth having a Visqueen sheet handy in case of rain!). But if it is warm, keep the materials out of the sun as the top coat will cure quicker than you need it to. In colder temperatures, use winter hardener.

Use the Cure It mixing bucket to measure the hardener for the topcoat and resin and remember that this will change depending on the temperature.

Finally, remember to use a paddle roller to consolidate the laminate – it’s important to remove trapped air!

How can I find out more?

Download the Cure It app. Featuring installation video guides, technical and product datasheets, a fall helper tool and Ready Reckoner to estimate materials required, it’s an essential tool for all things Cure It.

Or pop into your local MKM branch and speak to one of our roofing specialists – we’re happy to help!

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