How To
September 12, 2017

How To Hang A Picture

Job difficulty: 1/5

Estimated time to complete: Five minutes

How to hang a picture

Without a decent photograph or iconic piece of art hanging in our home, our walls run the risk of looking pretty boring. If you’re looking to hang your latest masterpiece but don’t have the skills to do so – fear not, your time is now:

1. Start by marking where you wish to hang your painting with a pencil. A really easy way of determining whether or not you’ve got the right spot is to hold the picture up while a friendly helper stands back and gives their perspective.

2. Pull your painting’s hanging wire to the top of the frame and measure the distance between the edge of the wire and the top of the frame.

3. Using the distance you’ve just measured, mark below the line you made on the wall (again, using a pencil).

4. Again, before you hammer anything you’re going to need to use your trusty detector to make sure there aren’t any wires or pipes in the wall that could potentially cause you grief.

5. Hammer your hook into this second mark on the wall using a small hammer and nail. Hang your picture and flick the kettle on – job done!