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February 15, 2016

How to prevent flooding

It’s a natural occurrence which far too frequently dominates our headlines. Devastating for those whose homes and properties are affected, excess surface water can very quickly build up if drainage systems cannot handle with the high volume.

126 Permeapave CutawayWe’re all too quick to think that this will never happen to us, but realistically since the phenomenal flooding in 2007, we probably all know someone who has been affected.

Whilst flash flooding is pretty impossible to avoid, there are a few product choices that can help minimise collection of surface water.

If you’re worried about surface water and you’re able to, adding additional drainage below paved areas is always a good idea. Your local MKM will be able to advice on the types of pipe and soak away drainage available for this.

Your choice in paving can also help, for example permeable paving (available from Stonemarket at MKM) is shaped so that the individual blocks hold water where it lands and disperses it evenly through the joints.

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