How To
September 4, 2015

How to replace a damaged floorboard in under 1 hour

If you’re going to damage a floorboard it is typically going to be the one right in the centre of the room.  Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and yes we’ve all spent time trying to find something “suiting” to comfortably sit on top of the now flawed board – or at least strategically placed your little toe on it when guests come to visit!

Help is right at your fingertips as below are 7 simple steps to get your floor back in tip-top condition…

1. Drill a hole in all four corners of the damaged board – paying careful attention to surrounding boards

2. Remove the entire length of the board by cross cutting it; you can do this with a rip saw set to the depth of the flooring installed (refer to sizes from the manufacturer)Red lines floor board

3. Make a cut down the edges around 1cm in and remove the centre sections (you should have 4 triangular shapes to remove)

4. Slide & pull out the remaining 4 strips – be careful here to not damage the tongue and groove of the surrounding boards

5. Select a replacement board identical or suiting to the rest of the floor

6. Remove the lip of the groove on the replacement boards header and long edge and then angle the floorboard into place

7. Secure the new board with a D3 adhesive to the surrounding boards locking system, when this is done place a weight over it (not your toe) until the adhesive has set

Voila!  You have a beautiful floor.

A professional installer should complete this in 40 minutes but remember to take your time when attempting anything like this yourself.  Alternatively you could click back to the damaged floorboard, replace and relay or look into relaying your entire floor.

If relaying the entire floor is the option for you, you’ve come to the right place, let Quick-Step inspire you with their latest ad – watch it here!