August 7, 2015

Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Although we would probably all love a big and beautiful bathroom, full of gleaming whites and airy open spaces, the reality is usually a little different. Bathrooms have a tendency to be simply functional spaces for many, rather than something big and luxurious – but if you think about it, is that always such a bad thing? The extra square footage is probably far greater appreciated in the bedroom, where you probably spend a bit more of your time.

So embrace the small bathroom – it doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all. There are loads of things you can do to free up space without the words “it’s not cramped, it’s cosy!” or “do we really need a bath?” ever running through your mind – just make sure you pick the right colours, and opt for some space-saving features.

Minimalist looks

A busy design scheme will just make things look cluttered – dense patterns in a small room could even feel a little bit claustrophobic! So maybe opt for some more minimalist styles – white or black (depending on your tastes) with splashes of colour here and there to liven things up and open up the space a little. Whether it’s a whole feature wall in a bolder and brighter tone, or just a tile border, mirror frame, or even some colourful towels – it will help create an illusion of a bit more space than there really is. And, of course, it will look great too.

The mirror effect

It seems fairly likely that you’ll already be considering a mirror for your bathroom – they’re sort of an essential item – but just because you’ve got a small space, don’t try and limit yourself to a small mirror. They will make a room appear so much larger and lighter, so opt for the biggest one you can fit in there! If you’ve got the wall space, don’t just settle for one mirror – one above the sink and one above the bath could do wonders.

Wall mounts, wall mounts everywhere!

Chances are, you’ll be pushed for floor space in a smaller bathroom – the bath, shower, sink and toilet are probably taking up a lot of it already. So get sticking stuff to the walls! A glass shelf in the shower frees up space in your wall-mounted cabinet, which you can then fill with the everyday necessities, leaving some stylish floating shelves for colourful containers, spare towels, and the like.

Make the most of every space

A functional cabinet under the sink, a stylish storage box on top of the toilet, stackable baskets – think carefully about exactly what you can fit in to every corner of your bathroom. But remember that, in such a small space, less is sometimes more – a shelf stack may look great and provide an ideal place to store all of your toiletries, but if you’re constantly banging your knees on the thing, it’s probably not the best idea.

So don’t be put off by a smaller bathroom – there’s plenty you can do to pack a small space with colour and character.