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September 4, 2015

Inspiring Internal Doors

It is something we use every day and can’t live without but do we give doors the attention they really deserve?

You’d spend months picking out a kitchen or bathroom, or even a new floor – during an interior design process a door should be given just as much consideration.  Doors should truly represent us and our homes but we seem to shy away from the designs out there and agree the typical Victorian 4 or 6 panel doors will do?

We say no! Doors can make a room a cut above the rest, adding glamour and richness.  They’re just as much an accessory than the throw pillows you might have purchased and should be considered as an enhancement of your architectural moulding!

Let’s think about this, they keep the cold out while making you feel safe; add privacy, stop the dog running out and drown out sound – but more importantly they are part of your interior design and should give you the perfect entrance to any room.

Door with glass

Whatever your taste, doors are available in a variety of styles from traditional classic oak to contemporary aluminium. There is also ample choice of glass designs which are ideal for darker rooms since they spread light in and throughout the home. Privacy needn’t be an issue either as glass designs can be clear or obscure depending on the room type.

Contemporary aluminium interior doors offer a fusion of timber and aluminium presenting a streamlined look in addition to adding a unique and simple final touch. They also bounce light, giving the illusion of open and uninterrupted space.

In the main, internal doors are manufactured out of various timbers, known as Engineered Core doors. The construction is made up of small pieces of timber, glued and veneered – allowing an array of different styles, designs and colours. You needn’t worry about patterns not matching either as multiple engineered core doors are produced in families.

Engineered Door

There’s no doubt solid oak doors have a certain allure to them however the engineered method supplies highly stable doors. Solid Oak doors are more commonly known to warp, have a blemished exterior and a higher price tag also.

Solid Oak Door

Before you make any purchases make sure you are equipped with the height, width and depth of your door frame. It is important to decide whether the frame is square and true and if in doubt buying a door that is just right or slightly too big should fit the frame you have.

It is also important to consider whether or not you would like a pre-finished door. To finish a door you must seek manufacturers’ guidelines as different doors require different finishes to create a desired look. If you prefer a no fuss option then pre-finished is definitely the option for you as once the door is installed, that’s it.

So let’s start taking better notice of our doors by taking more pride in them and actually using them for more than just a practical purpose. Imagine sitting back and unwinding to gaze out towards the most perfect Oak Suffolk Clear Glazed Fire Door… bliss!