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August 24, 2017

Interview with our kitchen specialist

The kitchen is one of the most well-used rooms in the home and, as such, getting a new kitchen fitted is a journey full of difficult choices and important decisions. Luckily for MKM customers, our kitchen specialists are on-hand to provide plenty of inspiration and advice. We caught up with one of our kitchen experts, Sacha Khalil, to find out the answers to the questions customers really want to know…

Q:Why do you have a passion for kitchens? What first excited you about wanting to work at MKM?
A: The kitchen is at the heart of any home. It’s one of the places in your home that you can fully make your own and have it designed to suit you and your family’s needs. I enjoy being involved in a such a huge project for a customer and being able to offer ideas and get excited about how it will look with them. Seeing the finished result and knowing you helped to create that gives you a sense of pride. MKM Glasgow has a great buzz about it, too. I used to deal with MKM as a customer at my previous company, and always found the people really nice and I knew as soon as I came here it would be a really good place to work.

Q: What questions do customers most commonly ask when it comes to deciding on their kitchen?
A: In my experience the most commonly asked questions are, “I’ve seen this, can this be done?”, “What would you recommend?” and “Integrated or Freestanding?”
When it comes to finalising and deciding on the kitchen, customers seek reassurance. “Do you think this will look ok?” and “If I have any issues can I come back to you?” Customers often ponder the final deciding factors to make the decision, and of course, I often get asked “Will you come and see it when it’s fitted?”

Q:What kitchen trends have been particularly popular this year?
A: I believe the two-tone kitchen is on trend this year, particularly wood and matte finishes. A mix of modern and traditional seems to be right on trend. Of course grey is very popular this year too, not just with kitchens, but across all interior finishes as a whole.

Q: What kitchen trends are coming up in 2018?
A: I think we will see more and more linear designs – for example, no handles, and kitchens with colour matching worktops and cupboards.

Q: What is the most important thing for customers to remember when buying a new kitchen?
A: The main points to remember when buying a kitchen is to make sure the design is exactly what you want and make sure it is fully functional and works for you. The colours must be just right, and always keep the future in mind – you may like a colour at the moment that is perfect when accessorising your kitchen, but think about in five years time or ten years time. No kitchen will go out of fashion, but you will change your colour scheme so make sure you won’t be limited. Also, make sure you get all the appliances you want, whether that’s integrated or freestanding, and pick them to suit you and your growing family.

Q: Any top tips you’d give to a customer wanting to save space?
A: Space saving is a big part of kitchen designing and planning and it’s very important to get right. Creating breakfast bars/seating areas that are included in the kitchen will free up space from having a dining table, particularly in the smaller spaces. Larder units and the new corner larder units are great options to limit the amount of units needed, as they have loads of storage space.

Q: How can customers make their kitchen stand out?
A: Customers can make their kitchens stand out if they make them unique to them, and incorporating a colour is a great way to achieve this. Creating two tone designs and creating great uses of space will make any kitchen differ from the norm. We are able to design almost anything here at MKM – it’s all about creativity. If the customer and designers discuss what they want to achieve and think outside the box anything is possible.

Q: With safety a big priority, how can families with young children ensure the kitchen space is as safe and secure as possible
A: The main concern in the kitchen are sharp corners, so rounding worktops at the edges and incorporating curved units with complete curved worktops are good starting points. Switching to a handless design will stop any unwanted accidents where handles are concerned,too. I’d also recommend induction hobs, as opposed to gas cookers with a live flame. Putting ovens in mid-height units and larder units, higher off the floor, is also a good way of preventing accidents. Pan drawers with interiors drawers are also very good as the cutlery drawer is not visible from the outside. These slight changes can all help to create a family friendly kitchen environment.

To find out even more specialist kitchen insight, visit your local MKM branch.