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March 13, 2018

Kitchen and Bathroom flooring trends to look out for by Palio by Karndean

We asked the experts at Palio by Karndean to talk us through the latest trends this Home Improvement Week. 

There are many things to consider when designing kitchens and bathrooms that are both functional and suit your customer’s taste. While it can be overwhelming thinking about appliances and surfaces, the floor should not be overlooked. Palio Clic, Palio Core, and Palio LooseLay perform on many levels – they come in robust, pre-cut planks and tiles, offering quick and easy installation, and they reduce noise transfer to rooms below – but function doesn’t have to take precedence over aesthetics. Due to the highly realistic designs that authentically replicate real wood and stone, it is possible to achieve a luxurious feel in kitchens and bathrooms in no time at all.

Ideal for a busy life

As a frequently used area in the home, kitchens can be hectic, so the flooring tends to wear quicker here than in other rooms. The durability of Palio products makes them ideal for both kitchens and bathrooms. The enhanced clear wear layer acts as a surface barrier against wear and tear, and our protective PU coating is a non-porous surface meaning germs, dirt or bacteria won’t be able to find any cracks to seep into, so it’s very hygienic and perfect for allergy sufferers. In addition, because Palio Clic, Core, and LooseLay are all simple to clean and maintain with a sweep and mop, they’re ideal for busy families.

For extra convenience, Palio flooring does not require a specialist fitter. All you need to do is simply click and lay it in place, so there’s less disruption to everyday life.


Comfort is key

Natural stone has been a popular flooring choice, but what puts many people off selecting it for their home is how it feels underfoot – it can be hard to walk on and it can be unpleasant stepping onto a cold bathroom floor first thing in the morning, especially in the winter. Because of their rigid structure, stones are unforgiving if anything is dropped or if somebody falls, and they’re notorious for chipping and cracking. With Palio, however, homeowners can have all the aesthetic appeal of natural stone, or wood, with a warmer, more resilient surface. All Palio products are also waterproof and don’t swell, warp or crack when wet, which is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where splashes and spills are very common. In the unlikely event a tile or plank from the LooseLay collection is damaged, they can be individually lifted and replaced, rather than having to remove the entire floor. As an added bonus, all Palio products are compatible with underfloor heating for extra comfort.

Pops of colour

Colour combinations can make a big difference to the overall feel of any room. The crisp, clean appearance of a white kitchen will never go out of style. White makes any space look lighter and brighter, but to avoid it looking too clinical you can add accessories and furniture in an eye-popping, bold colour. The slate grey tones of Palio LooseLay Nisida complete this contemporary kitchen pictured above.

As spring approaches, the soothing shades of pastels also become more popular and they’re a great way to freshen up a space. The days of using powder pinks only in a nursery are long gone – this sugar hue makes for an elegant and stylish bathroom, especially paired with the authentic earthy beige tones of Palio Clic Volterra, pictured below.

Did you know it’s possible to make a bathroom or a kitchen appear larger simply by selecting the right flooring and laying patterns? Your customers needn’t be put off using darker floors if they have a smaller kitchen or bathroom, especially if there’s plenty of natural light. By laying the floor parallel to the longest wall, the space will seem elongated and offer the best visual impact.

Doors and floors

Once the colour schemes have been selected, it’s time to look for the finishing touches. It is possible to make a statement with interior doors, after all they’re the first thing you see before even entering the room. A horizontally grooved panel effect can add a contemporary edge to a room, and opting for a smooth, glossy finish can actually help to maximise the natural light. Choosing a neutral colour like white will keep the room feeling spacious and airy, and it will fit seamlessly with any of our wood and stone designs. Oak also remains a popular colour for interior doors, especially if the natural knots and grains are still visible. Alternatively, if your customer wants to make a bold statement that expresses their creativity, they could consider a door that features an unusual, eye catching design. MKM Building Supplies offer a range of styles, colours and features, so homeowners are sure to find the finishing touch to fit their interior scheme and complement their chosen floor.

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