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September 18, 2015

Laminate & Hardwood Flooring for every room

A lot of us are guilty in the flooring department sometimes considering it last in the design process.  Often it is a simple toss up between carpet or laminate with many of us thinking that real wood flooring is totally out of the question and something neutral and beige is the only way to go.

Our review below is a beautiful start in helping you venture further into the flooring ranges available and the advantages (there are many)!  You might be surprised how flexible you can be with your options in finding the perfect flooring and hopefully it will persuade you to even install it yourself.

Laminate flooring is a timeless option.  Over the years it has built a solid reputation and is now available in a vast variety of styles, colours and sizes imitating natural real wood flooring – even to the point of its finish
with some laminates made to look like burnt or reclaimed wood and even, for a more urban scene, concrete wood.

A laminate is built with fouFloor Blog 1r layers: a transparent and wear resistant overlay, a design layer, a moisture resistant core and a balancing layer.  Each layer brings a different property to the laminate and some options have developed further into offering not only high quality and practicality but performance too.

Starting with the feel of the wood, a laminates structure has been built with nature at the forefront adding real wood like bevels.  Working alongside design laminates can offer a unique waterproof coating making cleaning effortless along with anti-static joints between planks, preventing the build up of dust and dirt within the bevels.  And finally longevity, you can be confident in a laminate having a long lifespan with some offering scratch resistant technology.

All the above characteristics described can be found within Quick-Step’s Impressive Flooring range and can be used within any room – including your Bathroom.

To add to the long list of advantages, installation is so easy and simple to lay.  Most laminates available operate via a Tongue and Groove system and more recently Quick-Step has introduced a user-friendly Uniclic system – it has never been easier or faster to lay a laminate floor. Find out how here.

Hardwood flooring, albeit a premium product and price, is a finely craFloor Blog 2fted product which cannot be beaten in the world of flooring.  Hardwood floors are engineered made up of layers of solid wood, covered with a protective finish.  Their manufacture guarantees a lifetime of use as the make-up offers optimum stability and durability making them less sensitive to contracting and expanding than solid wood floors.

Installation of a hardwood floor is just the same as installing laminate, quick, easy and both flooring options can be used combined with underfloor heating too.

Discover Quick-Step’s flooring ranges for such beautiful variety we can guarantee you’ll find the one.