MKM News
August 16, 2016

Making a difference in Hull

It’s been almost a year since it was announced that Rod Stewart was heading to Hull as part of his 2016 UK tour. At MKM we were proud to announce that our Executive Chairman, David Kilburn had underwritten the event in order to secure the headliner for the city.

What was really most noteworthy was what the proceeds of such event would mean for the city. David pledged that all profits made would be jointly split between two local charities, The Daisy Appeal and Holy Trinity Church.

For these two charities the promise was really exceptional and the gratitude has been evident in the media throughout the last 12 months.

Today, the waiting came to an end as David hosted a special lunch including the key people in the city which helped bring the event to fruition and handed over the cheque for the proceeds split between those charities.

We have no doubt that it will make a significant different to the lives, support and facilities available to local people.

A bit about the charities:

Holy Trinity Church

The restoration of the stunning Church in Hull’s Old Town aims to enhance and captivate a thriving community with cultural events becoming a catalyst for economic growth in the city.

The Church is also growing its welfare services, ensuring more people who may be feeling lonely, isolated or vulnerable can be supported.

The Daisy Appeal

The Daisy Appeal in Hull has a very simple objective – keeping the people we love around us a little bit longer.

Fundraising activities go towards innovations in equipment which help diagnosis into some of our biggest killers. Equipment which allows faster and accurate diagnosis ensures treatment isn’t delayed and makes a true difference to the lives of local families.