Branch News
November 14, 2018

MKM Blackpool ‘dig in’ with the local community

MKM Blackpool helped support the Hawes Side Academy market garden by donating supplies to help build new raised beds.

The garden is worked on by staff and students who volunteer their time to grow a range of fruit and vegetables. However, the raised beds used for planting had served their time and begun to rot. The academy turned to local businesses for supplies to help rebuild them and of course MKM Blackpool were more than happy to help.

On Thursday 26th October a small, but well formed, community team came together and rebuilt the plot in a single day, very similar to the TV show ‘Ground-force day’. The before and after pictures show what a difference a day can make!

Hawes Side Academy are extremely grateful for the help and support of MKM Blackpool and are looking forward to planting lots of fresh produce in the new raised beds.

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