Branch News
January 17, 2018

MKM Chelmsford save Wickford Town junior teams from folding

MKM Chelmsford has recently taken on sponsorship and management of Wickford Town’s Under 9’s, after hearing that the team may have to fold.

Already sponsors of Wickford Town’s Under 14’s, it seemed only right that on hearing that there was no-one to take on managing the Under 9’s, Branch Director Mark should take on the responsibility in the community alongside two other parents.

Mark’s sons play for Wickford Town. “I have watched the boys progress over the last two years, not just as footballers but as individuals” said Mark. “It would have been heartbreaking for the team to fold and for 10 young boys to have to stop playing with their friends and all go in different directions, or give up altogether as joining a new team is daunting at that age”.

The sponsorship will start next season, and we wish the teams the best of luck in all matches!

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