Branch News
May 3, 2019

MKM driver Dan Kirby praised for helping local cyclist in vehicle accident

One of our drivers Dan Kirby from MKM Grimsby has been labelled a ‘local hero’ after using his lorry to shield a cyclist that had been knocked down by a vehicle.

The incident, which took place yesterday, Thursday 2nd May on a busy dual carriageway in Grimsby, left a local lady injured after she was hit by a vehicle which then left the scene. Quick-thinking Dan used the MKM vehicle to shield and protect the cyclist from oncoming traffic and went to her aid along with a taxi driver, staying with her whilst calling an ambulance and waiting for the emergency services to arrive. Thankfully, the lady sustained only minor injuries and is recovering well.

Dan has been praised locally on social media, thanked personally by the lady’s family and has been rewarded £100 by MKM to treat him and his family to a meal as a thank you for being a fantastic local hero and representing the branch in such a positive, selfless way.

Thanks were also sent from MKM Executive Chairman David Kilburn who praised him for being ‘a great ambassador for MKM’.

Branch Director Nigel Jackson said: ‘Dan is an asset to our business and we are proud of his quick thinking, helpful actions which prevented someone from further danger. He represents everything we at MKM hold dear. The £100 reward is the least we could give him.”

Dan said: “I was in the right place at the right time, and it was a no-brainer for me to stop and help, it’s what you do, I wasn’t going to leave someone that needed help. The hazards went on, the vehicle was positioned in the safest place to protect the cyclist and other traffic, and I got out to check on her whilst directing someone else to call an ambulance. By the time I’d got back to the branch it was all over social media and the whole town seemed to know about it! I just did what I had to do, the vehicle blocked the road but what’s 20 mins of tailbacks if you’re helping someone in danger?’