Branch News
February 2, 2018

MKM Glasgow increases green credentials by adding hybrid vehicle to fleet

It may be the greenest builder’s merchants site in the UK, already able to generate its own heat and energy due to its low carbon technologies such as solar panels and biomass boilers.

The branch have managed to reduce their carbon footprint by 45 tonnes a year, reducing from 131.8 tonnes of Co2e to 86.7. A further 5 tonnes have been saved thanks to the branch’s move to start recycling by bailing all plastic, cardboard and paper either produced by them, or packaging they receive.

Now, they’ve introduced the first hybrid vehicle in the whole MKM network – a Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid.

Branch Director Lee Smith said, “The next evolutionary step for us was to then start looking at how our products were being delivered, hence our decision to look at an Eco Hybrid vehicle”

The vehicle is a pioneer, a first series production hybrid light-duty truck in Europe and the world’s first fully automated dual clutch transmission for trucks, which automatically selects the right gear for the lowest fuel consumption. As well as this, it was chosen due to its braking system which generates energy as it brakes, an onboard hybrid system which reduces fuel consumption by up to 23%.

12.8km per litre more efficient than a full diesel model, the new vehicle produces 0.2 tonnes less Co2 too, equivalent to 142 trees.

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