Branch News
September 12, 2016

MKM Hexham adds a new vehicle to its fleet.

The new vehicle – a 3.5 tonne curtain-sided Volkswagen Crafter – has a Euro-6 compliant engine, meaning it uses AdBlue®.

AdBlue®, which is sometimes known as diesel exhaust fluid, helps turn the nitrogen dioxide in exhaust fumes into nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water. This obviously means the vehicle is better for the environment, but what does it mean for MKM Hexham?

MKM’s transport manager, Ian Cattle, explained that the new wagon was requested by the Hexham branch after seeing an increase in sales for kitchens and bathrooms. These lightside goods look a lot nicer when delivered in a curtain-sided vehicle, than in an open-backed transit – and make the company look more presentable when customers have placed orders worth several hundred pounds.

Derek Telfer, the Branch Director at Hexham, said the new vehicle “stands out from the crowd and displays the MKM branding”, while delivering plumbing, kitchen and bathroom products quickly and “in a professional manner”.

What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is a water/urea based operating fluid. It’s stored in a tank (like diesel fuel), however, unlike diesel it is not injected into the engine, but directly into a specially modified part of the vehicle’s exhaust.

This ignites a chemical reaction which removes the polluting oxides of nitrogen from the fumes, converting them into harmless water and nitrogen in a process known as Selective Catalytic Reduction, or SCR for short. SCR is only applicable to diesel engines and the more economically you drive, typically, the less AdBlue® you will use.