Branch News
September 8, 2014

MKM Hexham School Build in Africa

The Hexham branch has sponsored a group of local school children to visit the Masai Mara territory in Africa to help build a school in the region.

Derek Telfer, Branch Director, volunteered to sponsor the pupils who were hoping to raise enough money to take the trip to Kenya as part of their studies.

Derek commented: “With little hope of going through lack of funds, we came to the rescue to ensure the pupils had a trip of a lifetime. We take so much for granted in this country with regards to the facilities and opportunities available to us.”

“This was a fantastic way in which young people can see how lucky they are to have a good education and well built schools, and we were pleased to be a part of that.”

The youngsters lived amongst the tribe for two weeks and learnt so much about African culture and how children like themselves went about their day to day activities and studies.