Branch News
April 13, 2016

MKM Redcar go crazy for golf!

MKM Redcar on Limerick Road is the sponsor of the brand new mini golf course attraction in near by town of Saltburn. The owners of the course are called Andrew and Gavin and they opened the course on Good Friday and the sponsors and families were invited with local councilors and business leaders on the coursemkm sign

The branch have supplied the majority of the building materials used to construct the new course, they also donated 3 benches for players to use around the course. Also the last hole ‘Lucky 10’ is sponsored by MKM Redcar.

The course had over 450 customers on the first opening day and hopefully will prove to be a popular attraction in the area. The artificial grass supplied by the team in the Redcar branch gives a colourful burst of green to the area. The black paving and gravel also supplied add finishing touches to the course giving a really professional finish.

Scott Macabe, Branch Director at Redcar said “I am so pleased with the look of the artificial grass on the course, it was a perfect product for them. Low maintenance and good value. We were pleased to be involved in this community project and hope the local area benefits from the attraction.”