Branch News
July 16, 2015

MKM Redcar help out local school

Last week our Redcar branch rolled up their sleeves to help St Bedes Roman Catholic school raise money to install and fit a new roof they need. The local school needs to raise £20,000 in order to get the roof installed and asked if MKM would be able to help. The school launched ‘build a bird box day’ where every class in the school got together and built a bird box from scratch… with the help of MKM!

The local branch supplied posters, nails, hammers and glue to build the boxes. Two of our sales reps Mark Kelly and Roy Davidson attended the event to help out and give advice on constructing the boxes – complete with joiners aprons!

The school managed to build 160 bird boxes in total for the children to sell at the school fate in order to raise money for the roof build. After constructing the boxes the children creatively decorated their boxes with paint and stickers to make them more attractive at the fate.

Mark thought the day was a great success and said,

“The children were really buzzing throughout the day and everyone had such a great time whilst taking part in a really important fundraising task. We try to support local charities and it is great when we can really get involved in a project like this one, spending time with the school and getting them building was really rewarding.”

The fate was a great success and the children sold 110 boxes! With donations from other local companies and a variety of other stalls at the fate selling cakes and crafts, the school have not got much more to raise.