Branch News
January 10, 2018

MKM Ripon help pave the way for plenty more walks around historic Fountains Abbey

One of the most famous landmarks in Yorkshire and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fountains Abbey, has recently undergone extensive works to their pathway to ensure the paths, which had become worn and muddy, remain sustainable for future visitors.

The National Trust, who owns Studley Royal and Fountains Abbey, worked alongside Marshalls and MKM to come up with a solution to futureproof the popular tourist site.

Approximately 500 sq metres of graveled muddy pathway had to be re-laid, with a brief to take into account drainage and to match the paths sensitively to the protected surroundings.

After a year of research, the Trust, Marshalls and MKM settled on the SUD-compliant Tegula Priora setts. Drainage-friendly, and matching the abbey’s many and varied colours, the setts also match the shapes of the original medieval floor tiles.

MKM Ripon’s Landscaping specialist, Tim Lyman, handled the specific requirements of the project. He said “As someone who has been enjoying everything Fountains Abbey has to offer for the past 20 years, I jumped at the chance to work on such a prestigious project. It has been a rewarding challenge, and as I hope everyone agrees, the end result is a huge improvement; meeting the very strict product specification requirements of the Abbey, delivering a crucial upgrade to the pathways whilst respecting the heritage of the site will benefit the thousands of visitors the abbey receives every year.”

Michael Ridsdale, Head of Landscape at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal said “We want to thank everyone involved in helping us create a sustainable contemporary solution for our visitors. Working closely with business partners and stakeholders is key when delivering a successful project, especially on such a sensitive site. Bringing together the industry and our curators enabled us to deliver what we believe is major step forward in the conservation and presentation of historical sites.”

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