MKM News
August 7, 2015

New Acquisitions For Our Transport Fleet

Our continuing success as a business has led to new developments and acquisitions in our transport department, to cope with the increase in sales and orders.

Ian Cattle, Transport Manager, and Fleet Administrator Tracey Cavill have been busy adding an extra 8 hire cranes and several forklift trucks to facilitate the extra workload from our branch network. They are also changing crane specifications to give greater lift capacity and all vehicles will be fitted with a reverse camera.

Ian commented: “The continuing success and upturn in the business has meant that we have had to replace or add 28 crane vehicles, 10 vans, tippers and open back 3.5 tonne commercial vehicles to the fleet.  We will continue to improve and update our fleet, as well as introduce new technology, to ensure we are in a position to support transportation needs across MKM.”

Other developments include the introduction of a vehicle tracking system, which will give branches the ability to give even better customer service, and a greater understanding of their vehicle deliveries.

Installing front facing cameras to all delivery vehicles is also on the cards, to assist our insurance company with any incidents or accidents which may occur out on the road.