Branch News
July 20, 2014

MKM Norwich In 24 Hour Golf Challenge

Our Norwich Branch Director, Paul Attoe, took on the brave challenge of completing a 24 hour golfing event which went on throughout the night, to raise money for charity.

After 24 hours and 140 holes, there were tears of joy and relief that the end was in sight for the four intrepid golfers who played alongside Paul, including Julian Ellis, Neil Newton and Danny Chapman.

The team overcame hot sunshine, dangerous thunderstorms and an array of medical conditions including several blisters and cramp to complete the challenge and raise money for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice and Prostrate Cancer UK charities.

They did an amazing job of raising £9,100 for the charities and Paul Attoe says: “It was an extremely emotional and physically demanding task to complete the whole 24 hours but we did it! We had lots of support around the course from
friends, family and some wonderful caddies who kept us all going. Many thanks to Corporate Golf Ventures for arranging the day, it was well worth the pain and pleasure!”

The team played golf throughout the night, supported by fans who held LED light sticks, glowing beach balls and illuminated golf balls to light their way and cheer them on. Well done to the whole team for this tremendous effort.