March 7, 2016

Other ways you can use your shed you may not have thought about

With Shed of the Year 2016 fast approaching, we decided to take a look at some of the kookiest, most creative and downright brilliant ways you can use your garden room – they’re not just for storing tools!

1. A perfect workout pad


Your shed might be an ideal place to get fit (believe it or not!).

Why? You’ve got plenty of space to store your clunky and unattractive exercise gizmos, for one thing – and, you’d be set apart from the house and thereby able to concentrate on your routine in peace. Further, you could workout without inhibition, being in private, and attend your ‘home gym’ at any time of day or night. There’s no closing time in the shed!

Which model? You’ll need something spacious like our Overlap Apex Double Door Shed to fit in all your active gear, and give you the room to do those all-important lunges and star jumps.

2. An outdoor work area


As most freelancers and stay-at-home employees will know, it can be hard to concentrate on work when you’re functioning in your personal chill out space.

Using your shed as your office can be a great way to escape domestic life through setting apart your professional one, improving your concentration, proactivity and involvement at work. Set up your little desk, pop a lamp and chair in there and you’re good to go!

Which model? We’re thinking snug, like our Shiplap Apex Shed. It’s comfy, cute, and cosy to boot!

3. A creative space


If you’re house proud but creative (a tricky combination), having a shed that doubles up as an art room could be just the thing for you.

Your creative pad would be a liberating and messy area in which you could chuck around your paint, clay, or whatever other creative and messy materials you like to your heart’s content!

Which model? This kind of shed calls for more storage space than room – in which case, the Premium Overlap Pent Shed is a good one to go for.

4. A playpen


Want a quiet night in with your partner, or been charged with the terrifying task of minding your friend’s children?

Make your shed a super funhouse for the kids to play in and get some well-earned peace and quiet – your kids are bound to rate you for the extra freedom, too, and can be as loud as they want without disturbing the rest of the household (or street – depending on how loud your kids are). Everyone’s a winner!

Which model? The Overlap Apex Security Shed is a spacious and secure model where your kids can have fun and you can sleep confidently, knowing they’re protected. Good stuff.

Do you use your shed in a unique way? We’d love to hear about it! Drop us a line over at MKM’s Facebook or Twitter page.