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May 17, 2016

Quick-Step keeps its finger on the pulse

Quick-Step’s new Pulse collection is the floor of the future. The luxury vinyl collection, with an unprecedented realistic look achieved through a revolutionary production method, is the most practical designer floor on the market today. Pulse is hard-wearing, water-tight, warm, sound-absorbent, just as attractive as wood and produced entirely free of phthalates.

Aesthetically speaking, we are still big fans of wooden flooring. The allure of this warm material is favoured by all, but today’s flooring demands extend far beyond looks alone. Our expectations are higher than ever when it comes to comfort and practicality. This is why Quick-Step developed a new generation of vinyl that not only satisfies our practical requirements, but is just as aesthetically pleasing as genuine wooden planks.


Although we still cherish a strong preference for authentic materials, we have noted the emergence of a new movement. Faux has nestled itself snugly among the many fully accepted, frequently spotted and even stylish alternatives. Modern technology is making it possible to realistically mimic very delicate, expensive or difficult-to-apply materials, with practical features we could only dream of before. It also enables designers to use materials in entirely new ways that would have been impossible with the real thing. A prime example of this is Quick-Step Laminate’s scorched black Impressive Burned planks, featuring a black scorched pattern that would have been impossible to create using the genuine material!

Matching Wood Grain Textures

Quick-Step has been taking note of the many opportunities presented by this trend for quite some time, while the design team is no longer allowing its creativity to be hampered by restrictions. A new production unit opened last summer raises the creation of attractive imitation products to a higher level. This is where the new Pulse vinyl collection is produced: vinyl planks in a wide range of wood designs and matching grain textures. The extra long and wide planks show an enormous amount of variation in grain patterns that produce the visual effect of a genuine wood floor, while a matching wood grain texture ensures the authentic look and feel of genuine wood.

Trendy New Collection

The new Pulse collection features 20 designs that correspond to the latest interior decorating trends. Oak remains a favourite for floors, but in the wake of the Scandinavian design wave we can hardly imagine an interior without pine. On the one hand, we are still striving for perfection. This is reflected in smooth oak planks that create a serene sense of balance and a streamlined design, such as Quick-Step’s light-coloured Pure blush oak: the ideal Foundation for a Scandinavian or a classic interior.

On the other hand, imperfect finishes have also been capturing our interest, such as the rough Sundown pine vinyl planks that are particularly suited to industrial lofts or rustic interiors.

Wood with a vintage look is highly in demand, now that history and personality are becoming increasingly important in our homes.

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