Branch News
June 6, 2016

Redcar carves a name in the sand

Our branch at Redcar have received an exceptional commemorative sculpture by the Friends of Redcar community group as part of the town’s annual Sand Sculpture Festival.


It’s a truly unique recognition for our support in providing sand in order to bring the seafront to life as part of the festival, and whilst the installation is only temporary, (the sand art can endure for up to six months) we’ve never received a gift quite like it!

MKM Redcar contributed sixty tonnes of sand, which played a vital role in the aesthetics of the seafront for the festival which is widely regarded as the official start to summer and brings visitors from far and wide.

Usually seen in Weston-super-Mare, a team of artists travelled north for the second year to create a series of incredible sculptures.

Our Redcar branch are heavily involved with several community projects, teams and organisations and was a major supporter of the same event in 2015.

Carl Quartermain, Cabinet Member for Jobs, Skills and Leisure, Chair of Friends of Redcar and Organiser of the Kick Off the Summer event said: “Thanks to MKM, we all had a fabulous weekend. The donation of 60 tonnes of sand meant we were able to attract the current European Champion to create one of the sculptures, making this a truly world class event.

Scott McCabe, Branch Director for MKM Redcar added: “As a branch we feel particularly passionate about supporting the town in as many ways as possible. This event is an incredible opportunity to bring visitors to Redcar and showcase what we can offer for the summer season, not only that but it is fantastic for the local community and the economy.

“Seeing our logo become part of the Festival has been incredible, these guys really are very talented and it’s definitely a novel use of our building sand!”