October 23, 2019

Smart Appliances for Smart Cooks from NEFF

Cooking just got smarter! With NEFF’s new Home Connect range you can now spend more time being creative with your cooking and less time doing the boring bits!

Home Connect allows you to manage your oven, fridge, dishwasher and other home appliances over your Wi-Fi. You can tap via the app, speak to your oven with voice control and make appliances interact with each other automatically – how cool is that?! The future is coming to your kitchen.

If cooking is your thing, it’s about to get easier. The Home Connect app lets you monitor and control your appliance no matter where you are. Preheat the oven, start the coffee machine, or let the oven send you notifications when dinner is ready. Home Connect put its all at your fingertips.

The new app offers a fantastic, intuitive user experience so you find everything you need quickly and easily.  And it’s not just the ability to control your appliances from anywhere, or that you can use your voice to control them that makes the new app great; the new app assistants help you to choose the right programme for your laundry, automate dishwasher tablet ordering and even answer the ultimate question “What’s for dinner?”.

The new self-learning recipe chooser learns from the choices you make and recommends others based on what you like or dislike.  By having these and all of the regularly used functions at your fingertips, the new app is all about making life easier.

Home Connect Products

NEFF Home Connects works with:


Get your inspiration from a world of recipes that have been created for your oven. Just add your choice to the electronic shopping list and let the oven pick the setting and pre heating for you. 

Hobs & Hoods

The hood turns on automatically when the Air Sensor detects something cooking on the hob. 

Coffee Machines

Choose different coffee drinks and discover different recipes from all over the world. You can even create a playlist of the coffees your friends want to drink – they’ll be brewed automatically. 


With Super Cooling you can get your fridge down to the right temperature before you get home – a few taps on the app is all it takes. 


Use Easy Start to find the right mode for your dirty dishes and let Tab Counter keep track of how many tabs you’ve got left, and reminds you to restock when you’re down to the last few. 

To get started you’ll need a Home Connect appliance, available at MKM, and the Home Connect App.

Find out more on the NEFF website.

To download the app visit the Home Connect website