April 18, 2018

The benefits of composite decking with Eva-Last

A deck can extend your home into the garden and create a space that you can entertain, relax or sit out in and enjoy the warm summer nights. In our guest blog from Eva-Last® Infinity™, they’re here to let you know the benefits of composite decking vs traditional wood.

When looking at a comparison between timber and composite, it’s important to recognise that they both have different characteristics. While the better quality composites, such as Eva-Last® Infinity™, are highly engineered and provide the consistency and performance required, timber possesses a rustic charm. Its natural grain and characteristics are a focal point that draws the eye to the artistic beauty and colour for which many timbers have become known. Composite manufacturers have spent countless hours trying to replicate this natural appearance. Eva-Last®’s new Infinity™ HD textures, now available at MKM, mimic the alluring rough sawn and driftwood textures that feature in aged wood, along with options of an authentic looking embossed grain effect . No two boards have the same colour and pattern.

What factors are involved when deciding on decking material?


Cost is often the driving force behind our choices – not just in cash but also in time. The initial cost of a timber deck itself and the lower cost of fixings may be more inviting than that of a composite deck. The 25 year guarantee on the Eva-Last® range of deck boards make the initial investment a long-term one with peace of mind that the decking is built to last.

It is worth bearing in mind the cost of the whole decking project. Although the difference in the additional cost of one element may be of concern, it could be within budget when viewed as a proportion of the overall project.


The yearly maintenance may make a second time deck owner think twice about owning a timber deck. Inevitably time will need to be spent each year preparing the deck and re-staining it to keep the deck in top condition.

Once installed, composite decking requires very little maintenance. All it needs is a clean every once in a while with a pressure washer, and maybe the removal of dust & some odd debris blown off a nearby tree. The better quality composite decks, such as Eva-Last®’s Infinity™ range, are resistant to fading in sunlight, impact marks and staining. In the long run many owners have found the relative low maintenance of composite decking a major benefit (in time and cost!).


All outdoor surfaces, including decks, need to be maintained to ensure optimal performance and safety. Many of the “Core and Cap” composite decks resist the buildup of algae and have low slip properties within the surface coating. Composite deck options also do not present splinters or raised grain.

Slip resistant timber decking is available at a premium over standard decking as it is usually offered with a strip of rubber or aggregate inserted into the board profile. Depending on the manufacturer, these low slip timber options can have more simplistic maintenance requirements over standard decking.

On a hot day, most surfaces will get hot. Surfaces with lighter colours will generally be slightly cooler than darker decks. The insulating properties of Eva-Last® Infinity™ decking make the boards extremely stable. The surface’s UV reflectant properties means Infinity™ moderates its surface temperature, so it is cooler to the touch in summer. The expansion and contraction rate is also lower than that of some lower quality composite decks.


Better quality composite deck boards, such as Eva-Last® Infinity™, are engineered for durability. Specialist UV stabilisers, colors, technologies and finishes allow for boards to last decades. The specialist built in cap that is co-extruded in manufacture at the same time as the boards adds to the durability. This makes the boards stain and scratch resistant.  The boards are generally extruded with a groove in the side of the board to allow for the use of hidden fasteners, ensuring that you have the minimal amount of top fixers on show in your decking. Eva-last® has developed a range of complete and durable specialised fixings that work together with Eva-last® composite products to ensure the stability and longevity of a complete deck.

The extreme dense characteristic of the bamboo composite core adds that extra dimension to the durability of the deck boards. This ensures exceptional moisture resistant properties so there is less potential for moisture ingress in the core of the board. Infinity decking is naturally strong being 50-70% heavier when compared to actual timber sections.

Need some more help to make your decision? MKM has a full range to suit your needs and helpful staff in branch. The new range of Eva-Last® Infinity™ decking is now available in MKM branches. For fixing guidelines and instructions – please see the Eva-Last website.

Visit your local MKM branch to find out more.