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October 30, 2018

The benefits of multi-foil insulation

25% of heat in a home is lost through the roof. This can be prevented through good insulation, keeping energy bills down and the home nice and toasty!

There are different types of roofing insulation on the market, from the more traditional mineral fibres, fibreglass and foam to the more modern multi-foil insulation products.

More and more people are choosing to use multi-foil insulation over more traditional materials, for the simple reason that it is more convenient. Compared to other types of insulation, multi-foil insulation is up to 20% thinner and up to 40% lighter which makes it super easy to work with, even if you’re not a specialist.

Other benefits of multi-foil insulation are:

-It can be used almost anywhere, it’s not just for roofs but also walls and floors.

-It’s effective and useful regardless of season. In the summer, the foil reflects sun rays so the house doesn’t get too hot, in the winter the heat in the house is retained by bouncing off the foil, reducing heat loss.

-It requires little maintenance, with an average lifetime of over 50 years

– It works well with other insulation products for example, thermal foam can be used in addition to multi-foil.

-Space-saving; because the insulation is so thin it can be used in places where space is limited – this is particularly important for loft conversions to maximise the space available.

-Here at MKM we work with YBS Insulation, a long-standing supplier of ours with over 20 years of experience in developing insulation products to offer you the best roof insulation.

-YBS offer a range of insulation products, including multi-foil solutions, all certified to UK standards with LABC registered details for streamlining the building control process.

Here we give you the lowdown on the products available at your local MKM branch:

YBS SuperQuilt

SuperQuilt, is a flexible, easy to install, multilayer insulation offering tremendous thermal benefits. The unique composition of the product effectively deals with all forms of energy transfer.

Best for: Roofs, floors and walls

How it works: Due to the special composition of multi-layers of insulation, SuperQuilt effectively deals with all forms of energy transfer (i.e. conduction, convection and radiation). SuperQuilt works most effectively by reflecting infra-red radiation. This means that not only is SuperQuilt effective in winter by reflecting heat back into the building and cold out, but also in summer, SuperQuilt is a very effective barrier to solar overheating which reduces the need for artificial cooling systems as it prevents the accumulation of heat within the building.

Application: SuperQuilt is applied directly from the roll either vertically or horizontally depending on the rafter height, pulled tight and stapled onto the rafters. It should be overlapped at each joint by approx. 50mm and sealed using YBS foil tape.

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YBS BreatherQuilt

BreatherQuilt is a flexible, easy to install, breathable high insulation designed to replace standard breather membranes whilst also giving a high level of thermal performance. The composition of the product effectively deals with condensation and all forms of energy transfer,

Best for: Pitched roofs

Application: Start at the bottom of the roof by rolling BreatherQuilt across the rafters and staple in to place. Tape a line of double sided tape along the top edge of the material. Install the next layer of BreatherQuilt using the 100mm membrane overlap. Staple as before then secure with the double sided tape, to cover the joint.

To find out more about the YBS products we stock, visit your local branch and speak to one of our roofing specialists.

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