Dekton Bergen marble effect worktop
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May 16, 2022

Top Table: Incorporating a chef’s table into your kitchen

For any foodie, a place at the chef’s table is the best seat in the house when dining out. But there’s no reason you can’t replicate that sense of occasion in your own kitchen. Create that VIP feeling at your next dinner party with our worktop offering, to create your own chef’s table.

Chef’s special

Frances Atkins, the former Michelin-starred winning chef, has recently installed a chef’s table, supplied by our branch in Ripon, in her new Paradise Café in Harrogate. The chef’s table is a worktop at a slightly higher height so that food preparation can be done whilst still socialising with guests. Frances’ station is used in a professional setting, acting as the centrepiece and focus of the restaurant’s interior space. However, a chef’s table could be incorporated into a kitchen in any home.

She chose a high-end Dekton worktop because it provided limitless innovation in design, and can be tailor-made to fit any size and space.  It’s also a high performance worktop because it is highly resistant to stains, scratches and heat. 

Frances Atkins Paradise Cafe Daleside Nurseries Harrogate


Frances’ restaurant features the stunning Dekton Bergen, but there’s a range of colours to suit all tastes and styles.  The Dekton Bergen is a luxurious marble effect with off-white base and grey veins in a sculptural pattern inspired by natural Portobello stone, that creates a real wow factor. 

Frances’ Chef Table Tips

Here, Frances picks out a few key points that make a chef’s table the killer ingredient for your next kitchen upgrade:

  • A place to entertain: Entertain your guests without being chained to the stove, and without the mess. With a chef’s table you can prepare a meal to remember while your guests are sat across the table enjoying a drink and a chat.
  • Handy design: The worktop can be designed to house inbuilt appliances such as cookers, fridges or dishwashers.
  • Easy to look after: Even the most enthusiastic home cook finds cleaning up after a dinner party a bit of a chore. A chef’s table or large worktop space is wipe clean and resistant to even the hardiest of stains (even red wine, the bane of any houseproud homeowner!) What’s more, the surface is completely burn-proof, meaning you can take simmering pans off the heat without scuffing or warping the table’s surface.
Dekton Bergen solid surface worktop

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