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March 30, 2016

VELUX white-painted roof windows the new standard

The new white-painted roof window range from Velux will be available nationwide from April and will become the standard roof window product in the market.

For a lighter, brighter living space, choose NEW VELUX white-painted roof windows.

Each component of every white-painted roof window is painted beforVELUX White Paint 2e assembly for a flawless low-maintenance finish and outstanding durability.

A white finish reflects more light back into your home than a darker surface would and is still made from the same high quality natural wood as VELUX traditional clear lacquer roof windows.  This new range will bring a fresh, modern touch to any room and any design.

Offering a contemporary white finish, VELUX white-painted roof windows are treated with a high quality, water-based breathable paint and are UV resistant to preserve their bright, white look.

The clear lacquered pine range is still available on request.