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February 16, 2016

What is Vitrified Paving?

Why choose Vitrified Paving?

The Vitrified Paving range by Stonemarket is a range of high performance paving products consisting of exceptional strength and technical consistency.

The characteristics of using this paving mean minimum maintenance is required as it absorbs little or no moisture and provides exceptional stain resistance making moss and algae difficult to grow through.  And above all it will keep your garden looking stunning all year round – inside and out!

What’s available?

2016 brings a new range and new colours to the four contemporary and stylish ranges: Knotwood, Gravity, Paleo and Lucent.

Knotwood, is available in two colours; Cherry and Birch.  Together these031 Knotwood product image introduce a new design texture and added interest for garden projects.  These products recreate colours and textures of wood planks but being Vitrified have none of the technical issues of wood and will not rot or warp.

Gravity, offers a modern and robust look together with the assurance of 033 Gravity group product imagestrength being Vitrified.  The colours form an on-trend dark grey collection which is difficult to achieve in other materials.

Paleo produces a more subtle and gentle design.  The varying formats enable interesting laying patterns as well as single size squa035 Paleo group product imagere and rectangular options.  Modular random patterns can be achieved using the project packs available.  Create serenity with the Paleo Vitrified range.

Lucent concludes the Vitrified range and is made up of three colours.  Copper exhibits a range of russet and gold tones over a grey background and Blue 037 Lucent product imageoffers a class look, popular all over Britain.  New for 2016, Cotswold displays classic buff shades. With authentic appearances and a gentle riven texture this paving option delivers a look homeowners love.

Fancy having Vitrified Paving in your garden?  Enquire here and a member of our team will be in touch.