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November 20, 2018

Why more contractors are choosing to use dry fix roofing systems…

Since BS 5534: Slating and Tiling was revised in 2014, there has been a shift in the market towards the use of dry fix systems. The popularity of the products means that there has been a huge increase in the amount of systems available and although they may look similar they can vary significantly in terms of quality and performance. To help address this, BS 8612 was introduced earlier this year that sets out key quality and performance criteria and test methods under six essential requirements:

-Material specification and durability
-Mechanical resistance
-Ventilation for ridge and hip systems
-Rain performance
-Geometric characteristics
-Marking, labelling and installation instructions


Previously there was no agreed way of ensuring products were fit for purpose but now, compliance with BS 8612 will give you the reassurance that our products are manufactured to the highest quality.


So what does this mean for roofing contractors?


As a roofing contractor you should be aware of BS 8612 and its recommendations when considering dry-fix systems. This requirement sets out the minimum performance requirements for dry-fix roofing products, to ensure that they are fit-for-purpose and provide you with the confidence that their products are of the highest quality. It’s advisable to switch to BS 8612 compliant products and update your buying policies accordingly if you haven’t already. Be mindful that BS 8612 only sets out the minimum performance requirements, so there will still be quality differences between products.


At MKM we work closely with Timloc Building Products, who were quick to welcome the BS 8612 standard, with both their Dry Verge Range and Roll Out Dry Fix Ridge Systems fully compliant.


Phil Harvey, Technical Director for Timloc says: We recognised the importance of BS 8612 to the market, and as soon as it was published we felt having them independently tested by BRE was the assured way of showing the confidence behind our products.  The testing was comprehensive and designed to ensure materials withstand the forces acting upon them from wind uplift, weathering and rain water drainage.  Our range of dry verge and dry ridge successfully met and passed the requirements as identified in the British Standard.


To find out more about the Timloc Dry Verge Range and Roll Out Dry Fix Ridge Systems visit your local MKM branch.

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